ELOGplan GmbH offers services in 8 areas of competence, each adapted to our customers in the three target groups

  • Automotive industry, production sites
  • Processing industry, trade, logistics
  • Local authorities, environmental policy

To ELOGplan, sustainability is

  • supporting our clients with the avoidance and recycling of waste
  • ensuring that our plans
    • are part of a long-term recycling strategy
    • lead to lasting effects for the environment
    • contain a long-term economic benefit
  • developing solutions which lead to improvements for the people who work with waste, produce waste or are affected by the treatment of waste.

Area of competence

Waste disposal concepts

The planning of waste disposal concepts for industry includes, amongst other things

  • Stocktaking of the waste flows (ELOGplan planning schema)
  • Analysis of the internal disposal logistics and the recycling channels
  • Optimisation of the existing waste disposal solutions and planning of new ones
  • Use of benchmark processes and efficiency tools (-> BENCHMARK Tool)
  • Market analyses, provider comparisons and creation of specifications

Client benefits

  • Targeted provision of specialist information and market knowledge
  • Neutral advice on technologies, providers and on the legal situation
  • Punctual and results-oriented project realisation

Disposal logistics

The planning and realisation of projects in intra-plant disposal logistics includes, amongst other things

  • Stocktaking of waste flows, container systems, logistics and control
  • Layout planning for the logistics, incl. transhipment centres and pre-treatment facilities
  • Planning of an individual in-house logistics system (-> ELOG SYSTEM 4.0)
  • Provision of specific containers, means of transport and IT (-> GYLOG CONTROL 1.0)
  • Facilitation or execution of pilot projects through to realisation

Client benefits

  • Neutral advice on the optimisation of internal logistics
  • Improvement of the recycling rate and reduction of the waste volumes and costs
  • Concrete, practical solutions and professional support with operational implementation

Recycling strategies

The advice on the realisation of recycling strategies for the manufacturing industry, trade or Internet trade, system catering and local authorities includes, amongst other things

  • Analysis of the waste legislation framework, recyclability of used products
  • Process optimisation (logistics, recycling, handling, costs)
  • Evaluation of different collection models (-> BENCHMARK Tool)
  • Financing, tendering and accounting, cost/benefit analysis

Client benefits

  • Introduction of specialist information from practical waste disposal experience
  • Neutral advice on providers, costs and the legal situation
  • Practical and cost-oriented project realisation

Planning of local waste concepts

The planning of local waste disposal concepts for local authorities, regions and states includes, amongst other things

  • Recording of the planning needs related to waste flows
  • Analysis of the ACTUAL situation (facilities, providers, recycling rates, costs)
  • Determination of the future waste quantities, types of waste and waste qualities
  • Rough concept (waste, logistics, facilities, financing)
  • Basis for planning, and the execution of pilot projects

Client benefits

  • Precise waste analysis as a basis for any facility planning
  • Consideration of regional features in the planning
  • Neutral advice on and selection of technology; long-term support

Environment marketing

Environment marketing covers a wide range from the realisation of regional projects to the performance of market-oriented studies.

  • Needs assessment for measures in environment marketing (especially in the waste sector)
  • Region and industry-specific market analyses (e.g. organic waste, deposit for non-reusable drinks bottles)
  • Preparation of information and argumentation aids (e.g. local authority – citizen)
  • Improvement of the use of collection and recycling systems (e.g. waste separation)

Client benefits

  • Use of many years of project and practical experience
  • Inclusion of operational waste management knowhow
  • Consideration of stakeholders

System of authorised officers

For more than 25 years, ELOGplan has taken on a wide range of functions for medium-sized businesses as an authorised person:

  • Immission control officers
  • Hazardous goods officers
  • Specialist in hazardous substance management
  • Execution of client internal briefings and training sessions
  • Provider of workshops and seminars

Client benefits

  • Fulfilment of a variety of statutory and approval-related obligations
  • Minimisation of legal risks, protection from organisational deficiencies
  • Close personal support in operational change processes

Management systems

More than 20 years ago, ELOGplan was one of the drivers of a certification of waste disposal and recycling companies, and even today still provides advice on and audits:

  • Introduction and development of quality management systems (ISO 9001)
  • Introduction and development of environment management systems (ISO 14001, EMAS)
  • Introduction of occupational safety management systems (SCC, SCP, OHSAS 18001)
  • Expert appraisal in cooperation with DEKRA, ZER-QMS and others

Client benefits

  • Reliable and practical advice on the basis of years of experience
  • Customised realisation of normative and legal requirements
  • Comprehensive range of training courses (in-house in state-of-the-art training rooms)

Applied sustainability

ELOGplan gives clients advice with respect to their sustainability targets in the area of recycling and the environment, as well as globally along the supply chain

  • Optimisation of waste avoidance and recycling strategies
  • Analysis of the entire product life cycle
  • Interfaces of waste disposal with energy, air, waste water, CO2
  • Neutral analysis of risks, adherence to compliance
  • Involvement in research projects on “applied sustainability”

Client benefits

  • Identification and minimisation of risks related to waste
  • Inclusion of global goods and waste flows (supply chain)
  • Execution of beacon projects, incl. success monitoring