Die ELOGplan GmbH ist ein Planungs- und Beratungs-Dienstleister, spezialisiert auf kundenspezifische, nachhaltige Lösungen in den Bereichen Entsorgungslogistik, Entsorgungsplanung und digitalisierte Abfallentsorgung. ELOGplan vereint


  • precise knowledge of the waste management and recycling industry
  • comprehensive understanding of legal and operating processes
  • innovative digitalized solutions and tools
  • dovetailing with research and training
  • active partner in discipline-specific networks
  • patented innovative solutions


  • automotive industry and automotive suppliers
  • raw material processing industry
  • recycling and waste management industry
  • industrial and business parks
  • infrastructure and real estate branches
  • manufacturing companies


  • planning internal operations logistics
  • setting up holistic waste management concepts
  • digitalized solutions for the recycling industry
  • developing innovative waste logistics systems
  • benchmark processes for international companies
  • tenders for waste management services
  • carrying out training (incl. EfB)
  • specialist officer for waste function



The new complete ignition container introduced in 2019 replaces the old system which has been used for 20 years. MOBILE AIRBAG DISPOSAL is a complete service to destroy non-ignited and disassembled airbags or PTS. The system not only lowers costs and risks during destruction but is an alternative to ADR requirement packaging and sending them to an incineration plant for disposal.

Further information about the AIRBAG IGNITION SYSTEM


The ELOG SYSTEM® is a complete solution for internal operations logistics especially in the automotive and automotive supplier industry. ELOG SYSTEM® incorporates logistics and digital controlling. The modular system which has been applied since 2000 has been further developed a number of times, Version 4.0 has been applied since 2016.

Further information about ELOG SYSTEM


CleverWaste® is an IT solution for complete digitalization of all waste management industry processes; from digitalized container administration through digital job processing, recording working times and job times up to complete documentation and paperless billing. CleverWaste® has been used in the BÜCHL Group since 2019.

Further information about CLEVERWASTE®


LION.COOL.BOX® is a patented storage and transport container for e vehicles and High Voltage batteries from the vehicle industry. It has an integrated temperature monitoring system and an integrated extinguishing system. It is possible to safely store hazardous batteries and critical e vehicles as well as safely transport them with a LION.COOL.BOX®. The special container was put on the market in 2021.

Further information about LION.COOL.BOX®


WASTE PLAN 4PLANTS is a planning scheme for efficient plant waste management in large companies. The standardized tool enables planning for a sustainable and efficient internal waste management. Modules among others are detail planning for optimized container features, for necessary transfer facilities and internal recycling centres as well as concepts for waste separation, customized client logistics processes and billing. Numerous new car plants have used the experience from ELOGplan since 2012.

Further information about WASTE PLAN 4 PLANTS®

“Büchl – The Film“ – The Büchl Group Image Film also includes ELOGplan GmbH

The comprehensive services are shown in fascinating pictures in the BÜDHL Group image film. This not only  also includes the foreign business: BÜCHL Hungaria, the waste management facilities and shareholdings (BioIN, GRN, DBR) but also the planning company ELOGplan.

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